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Understand the problem of machining process design drawing

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1: What is pattern ?

Answer : Drawing that can accurately express the shape, size and technical requirements of an object 。

2: What is projection ?

Answer : Is a group of rays through the object to a predetermined plane to get the graphic method 。

3: Classification of projection method ?

Answer : It can be divided into central projection method and parallel projection method , Parallel projection method is divided into positive projection and oblique projection 。

4: What is sectional view ?

Answer : A group of parallel rays of light passing through an object on a projection plane

5: What are the three basic views of object projection ?

Answer : Is the main view. 、 Top view 、 Left view 。

6: Three view What is the projection rule of ?

Answer : Main 、 Top view Long alignment ; Main 、 Left view Gao Ping Qi ; Bend down 、 Left view Wide equality 。

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