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 Precise  Machine parts  Machining
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About us

 Well  Precision machining  Factory , Processing of non-standard parts
Precision parts processing

Mainly engaged in mechanical automation manufacturing 、 Machine parts Manufacture
Design, development and production of various aluminum profile products
All kinds of production Hardware Etc.
It can also be produced and processed according to the needs of users 。

Company strength

About us MFG Machined Co., Ltd.

Work Factory With all kinds of numerical control Precision machining Equipment , Lathe 、 Precision milling machine 、 Wire cutting machine 、 Precision grinder 、 Tapping machine 、 Drilling machine 、CNC Computer gong, etc. 。 Can undertake most of the precision machinery automation equipment manufacturing 、 Machine parts 、 Hardware 、 Manufacturing 。 All kinds of products produced by our company Precise Component products Now it has become one of the reliable suppliers in the relevant machining industry 。

Since the establishment of our company , Uphold “ Advance with quality , Honesty and trust ” Purpose , Grip “ Concept innovation Product innovation Integrity service ” Business philosophy , Rely on increasingly advanced technology and strong production capacity , Has developed into a modern precision hardware parts manufacturing and production enterprise 。 Welcome new and old customers to create new achievements with us , March forward hand in hand 。

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Products and purpose

  •  Main products

    Main products

    Manufacturing of mechanical equipment 、 Mechanical accessories ; Manufacturing parts , Jig making ; Jig making ; Production of supporting parts ; Mechanical automation manufacturing ; Precision parts processing ; Precision component processing ; Hardware Machining ; Screw processing ; Production of non-standard parts ; Aluminum processing ; Copper products processing ; Production and processing of fine products ; Design and manufacture of profile frame guard 。

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  •  Company purpose

    Company purpose

    No best , Only better 。 Henceforth ,MFG Machined Co., Ltd. Uphold “ Refine on , Sustainable operation ” Quality concept of , Continue to focus on meeting customer needs , Provide high quality products for customers in the machinery industry , High efficiency , Reasonable price , Products with excellent performance , Improve the production efficiency and quality of customers in the industry 。MFG Machined Co., Ltd. Willing to sincerely cooperate with customers in the industry forever 。

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