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Milling machine machining center

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Milling machine is a widely used machine tool , The plane can be machined on the milling machine ( Level 、 Vertical plane )、 Groove ( Keyway 、T Groove shape 、 Dovetail slot, etc. )、 Split tooth parts ( Gear 、 Spline shaft 、 Sprocket wheel )、 Spiral surface ( Thread 、 Spiral groove ) And various surfaces 。 In addition , It can also be used on the surface of the revolving body 、 Inner hole processing and cutting 。 When the milling machine is working , The workpiece is installed on the worktable or on the indexing head and other accessories , Main movement of milling cutter rotation , Supplemented by the feed motion of the worktable or milling head , The workpiece can obtain the required machining surface 。 Because it's multi edge intermittent cutting , Therefore, the productivity of milling machine is higher 。 Simply speaking , The milling machine can mill the workpiece 、 Machine tools for drilling and boring 。


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