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Personalization of precision parts manufacturers

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   Past times 30 Year , Precision parts processing The variety of products has expanded rapidly by dozens 、 Hundreds of times , Precision parts processing Factory Home is springing up , They all share this wave Precision parts processing Dividends 。 But with the upgrading of customer needs , The era of personalized consumption , Precision parts processing Begin to rise , Every customer wants something different Precision parts processing Service , Instead of popular products , Precision parts processing Factory It's time for home 。

 Precision parts processing

   Personalized parts processing is not a new word in itself 。 More than 100 years ago Year Front , People make personalized parts processing products through manual workshops 。 The difficulty of individualized parts processing lies in the low cost and high quality of mass production 。 Parts processing customer orders , Choice style , Precision parts processing Factory Production and delivery according to customized orders , Will effectively reduce Precision parts processing Factory Household inventory , Operating costs have been cut by more than half 。

   Superior quality 、 Low cost personalized parts processing , First of all depends on Precision parts processing Production level of , That is Precision parts processing Factory What the family advocates “ Value comes from the pull of real customer demand ”。 Personalized parts processing , Second, it depends on Precision parts processing Standardization and modular design of 。

   At this stage , Personalized parts processing Or the personalization of limited conditions , Can't be completely personalized 。 Whether it's a car 、 Computer , Or mobile phone? , Personalization is to choose within a certain range 。 Each Precision parts processing Factory Home needs to be based on its own Precision parts processing The level of information technology , Decide on your own personalized model , It's not that the more personalized the better , It is based on certain implementation conditions 。 Maybe the future 3D The development of printing and artificial intelligence , Can be Precision parts processing Complete personalization provides a possibility 。

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