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Intelligent precision machining , Help college entrance examination candidates to verify their identity

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   Current Precision machining Manufactor , Precision machining Busy business , It's the middle of the year Precision machining Peak season 。 Senior three students now , It's also the most important stage of examination in my life 。 These two seemingly unrelated areas , Now there's an intersection 。 Come from Precision machining Manufactor Wisdom Precision machining Product , About to appear in the entrance examination of senior three students 。 For many candidates , Be able to pass Intelligent precision machining Product “ Face swiping ” Enter the examination room , It's very convenient for the exam , It doesn't matter if I don't have my ID card 。 Thank God 、 Xie di 、 Thank Precision machining Manufactor 。

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   Intelligent authentication according to development Precision machining Product Of Precision machining Manufactor Introduce , The identity of examinee can be confirmed by face information collection , ID photos can be automatically generated on the screen , For examinees and invigilators , Not only save time , And it reduces the pressure 。 Today's most advanced computer image acquisition technology is applied to this kind of examination intelligence Precision machining Products , This is a lot of Teachers 、 What neither the students nor the parents expected 。 In the past few years , Quite a lot Precision machining Enterprise In this Products Invested a lot of R & D power , Face swiping The function of authentication is maturing , This year, it can be applied in the college entrance examination of Guangdong Province 。

   Intelligent precision machining Development , Application scenario test is indispensable 。 College entrance examination , It's a good application scenario 。 We Precision machining Enterprise As long as you pay attention everywhere , Every application scenario will bring Intelligent precision machining Product Of Revolution 。 Leave College entrance examination Less than a month , Quite a lot We have accepted the order of Guangdong education and examination institute Precision machining Manufactor We're making the last effort , Debugging is coming soon Intelligent precision machining Terminal , Make sure it's safe , In order to better serve Guangdong candidates 。 Some time , Artificial intelligence 、 New technologies such as cloud services will be intelligent Precision machining Implement on the test preparation tool 。

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