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Development trend of precision machine parts processing industry

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Due to the increasing trade friction between China and the United States , China Precise Machining of mechanical parts The export of products is affected to some extent 。 Made in China 2025 Target , It is hope. Our country Of Precise Machining of mechanical parts Domain can be seized Precise Spare parts Of International market 。 Combination Our country Precise Machining of mechanical parts The reality of industry , Find the gap , Strengthen independent innovation , Stay CNC Great breakthrough in processing technology 。 Of course , Besides focusing on the present Stay , Through precision machining plant 、 Government 、 Cooperation of machining industry association 、 Overcome difficulties and lead the market beyond maturity , Looking to the future , Grasp the trend and direction of market development , It also plays an important role in promoting the development of the industry market 。


Just Precise Machining of mechanical parts Industry , Extensive development of the industry in the future 、 Fine differentiation 、 Standardization 、 Intelligent trend will continue to appear 。 Stay Positive horizontal development Stay From Machining of mechanical parts Its main market extends to non-standard parts processing market ; Stay Vertical development Stay According to CNC Parts processing technology and materials are improved respectively Fine differentiation Market development of 。 Conditional Precision machining The factory has actively embraced the future trend , Actively compete with foreign high-precision products 。
        Meanwhile , Take the intelligent construction of industrial robot as the forerunner , Our country Conditional Precision machining Factory also Stay Accelerate CNC Intelligent upgrade of parts processing technology , The whole future Machining of mechanical parts There will be a breakthrough in the level of industry intelligence 。 With the development of intelligence , Industrial robots Stay Accelerate Precision machining Expansion and construction of plant informatization 。 In view of this , Our country Precision machining Factory Future can From Application area 、 Process materials 、 Focus on product standards and information construction , Preemption through market opportunities and highlands , Hope to promote its transformation and upgrading to high-end 。

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