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Talent gap holds back intelligent precision machining

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   The moment , Intelligence Precision machining Booming market , Our government also Stay Actively guide and promote Precision machining Process improvement 。 Stay 《 Made in China 2025》 Under strategic planning , Intelligent processing has been listed as one of the ten key development areas 。 Meanwhile ,《 Industrial planning of intelligent manufacturing equipment 》、《 Development plan of robot industry (2016-2020 Year )》 And many other policies have been issued , Further strengthen the development trend of Shenzhen machining industry 。

 Precision machining

   However , The armed forces are ready to go , But the manager is hard to find 。 Stay Our country Intelligence Precision machining When the overall development trend is good , The huge talent gap has become a fatal injury to the development of Shenzhen machinery processing industry 。 Future , How to cultivate a professional , Understand Intelligence Precision machining R & D and application team of process , Forming a relatively perfect intelligent processing industry chain , Will be Future Important issues of industry development 。

   According to the government 《 Manufacturing talent development planning guide 》 Display ,2020 Year Our country Precision machining The industry talent gap is expected to reach 300 Ten thousand ,2025 Year Will expand to 450 Ten thousand 。 Meanwhile , According to 《 People's daily 》2018 Year 1 Monthly report , Our country Intelligence Precision machining The talent gap related to technology has also exceeded 500 Ten thousand , The proportion of supply and demand is only 1:10。 Quite a lot Shenzhen Precision machining Every enterprise Stay To be worried , Make intelligent transformation , But Stay No matching talent in the market , The industry has to pay attention to it 。

   However , It's not because Our country Not enough Intelligence Precision machining Personnel , But most of them are concentrated Stay Theoretical research and development , On the contrary, what enterprises need is robot application talents and service talents 。 Therefore , At present, China's talent problem mainly involves two aspects , On the one hand, it's similar Shenzhen Precision machining Required by the enterprise Personnel Inadequate cultivation ; On the other hand Precision machining The phenomenon of brain drain in technology is too serious 。

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