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How to produce masks quickly in automobile precision parts processing enterprises ?

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   Automobile Precision parts processing Why can enterprises change roles in such a short time 、 Production and export hoods ? It starts with what the mask needs 。

   Raw materials for mask production :PP Non-woven fabrics 、 Melt blown fabric 、 Nose bar 、 Ear band, etc. , The key material is polypropylene 。

   Equipment for mask production : Mask printer 、 Mask ear belt spot welder 、 Mask packing machine 。

   Site of mask production : Dust-free workshop 。

   Mask workers : For skilled professional workers 。

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   Other : A necessary production qualification certificate 。

   These for Automobile Precision parts processing Enterprises , It's not a problem 。

   Looking back and forward , In the special period of mask shortage , Automobile Precise Parts processing Masks produced by enterprises , Mostly not for sale , It's about giving or using social services , The government is naturally open to qualification “ Green light ”。

   Take SAIC general Wuling as an example , The mask project was awarded to Guangxi 、 Liuzhou City 、 Strong support from Laibin municipal government 。 The government provides it with a controllable scope “ Easy access ”, Complete qualification verification 、 Approval and certification ( Including but not limited to production license 、 Business license 、 Hygiene license 、 Product certificate 、 Medical device business license, etc ), What the normal process requires 43 The sky is shortened to 20 Within days ( Now qualified )。

   Skilled workers Automobile Precision parts There is no shortage of processing enterprises 。 Automobile The parts themselves Precise Nature 、 High safety requirements , The staff of the production line have been trained and tested for a long time , Plus the simple structure of the mask , The production process is not complicated , Workers can switch roles quickly 。

   Dust-free workshop What is more Automobile Precision parts processing The essence of the role that an enterprise can transform in a short time 。 Normally speaking , The number of particles per cubic meter of air is about 1000 Ten thousand -4000 Ten thousand Individual , Therefore, the environmental requirements are very high , If 10μm Of solid particles mixed into the paint , Defects can be seen with the naked eye 。

   And Automobile In the four processes of manufacturing “ Painting workshop ” It's a clean environment 。 This means , Almost all Automobile Precision parts processing Enterprise , In theory, it is possible to produce masks , After modification and rearrangement , Can be put into use quickly 。

   Equipment for production of masks , Just buy it 。 According to insiders , Used for production N95 A complete set of automatic cup mask forming machine , Market price at 30 Ten thousand Yuan or so ; Used for production Medical masks are cheaper , About a set of 15 Ten thousand Element 。 And Automobile Thousands of production equipment Ten thousand Investment comparison of , This investment is negligible 。

   Look at it like this , The raw materials needed to produce masks become the only difficulty , But Automobile Precision parts processing Enterprise It also has innate advantages 。 General medical surgical masks have three-layer structure , Outer layer against liquid splashing , The middle layer is a barrier to bacteria , The inner layer absorbs moisture and moisture released by the wearer , Its main raw material is polypropylene fiber Non-woven fabrics 。

   And high polymer sound-absorbing and sound-proof materials for cars , That is, the sound-absorbing cotton is also divided into 3 Layer , First Layer And last Layer It's also polypropylene fiber Non-woven fabrics 。 That being the case , Most enterprises don't store too much raw materials , The head of BYD said :“ The company needs 5 Ton Melt blown fabric 。 We found an enterprise in Henan and signed a contract 14 Ton Of Melt blown fabric , Only enough for two or three days ……”

   And after the raw materials are solved , Automobile Precision parts processing Enterprises also need to explore the tips and rules in the process of continuous practice , Improve the qualified rate of masks 、 Production beat, etc , To maximize capacity 、 Efficiency optimization 、 Higher quality 。

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