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Shenzhen machinery parts processing industry , When returning to work after the festival

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   Although the turning point of the epidemic has not yet arrived , But Shenzhen Machining of mechanical parts The turning point of the industry has come 。 This Monday , Most enterprises in the country should resume production after today's Festival 。 Machining of mechanical parts Manufactor Stop working again , It will definitely cause social problems , Workers have no income , Customer has no product , And the government doesn't have taxes , Pull one to start the whole body 。 First hand control of epidemic situation , Return to work and production , In short , I can finally go to work today 。


   However , Returning to work after the festival is also different from previous years , Let's get together , Start work together 。 In many Shenzhen Machining of mechanical parts Enterprise , All of them return to work in different ways , The first employees to return to Shenzhen , Isolation at home 14 Days later , Approved by management , Can arrange to return to work 。 Employees returning to Shenzhen later , Home quarantine not completed 14 The rigid requirements of heaven , Can't get back to work yet , Large scale assembly of parts processing workshops , There are risks 。

   For example, our company , Founder from Hubei , Fortunately, their family is in Shenzhen for the new year , To avoid the danger of isolation 。 However We Machining of mechanical parts The factory has many employees of Hubei nationality , They're not so lucky , Since I went home for the new year , They can't leave 。 Of course , We Machining of mechanical parts Despite the lack of manpower , We can only postpone the order , Waiting for the outbreak to be lifted , They can return to work safely 。

   Although our CNC The processing center has begun to operate , However After all, people are limited , We can only arrange orders that were urgent years ago 。 However , Many customers also know our current production status , We all understand our difficulties , Many orders only require us to guarantee the quality of the goods , Instead of asking for delivery on time , No one can be sure of the time 。 February two , Dragon Head Raising Day , We're looking forward to the end of the epidemic , Give Way Machining of mechanical parts Production is back to normal 。

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