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Precision machining manufacturer of mask machine , Take the Korean order

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   Novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading in Korea , South Korea is the enemy , The supply of protective materials is also extremely in short supply 。 Many Korean traders come to China to purchase masks , Shenzhen Precision machining It's their first choice 。 On the one hand, it benefits from the reputation of made in China , Mask machine Precision machining High quality and inexpensive , On the other hand Shenzhen Precision machining The enterprise is already in the process of providing medical equipment for Wuhan security war , Accumulated rich experience 。

 Precision machining

   Now , South Korean traders are also in a hurry , We found the customer service inquiry on our international station the day before yesterday , But they didn't have a drawing , The designer is catching up with the mask machine Precision machining Drawing , We Need to have Drawing To provide a quote , This is We Precision machining Industry rules 。 But Korean customers tell us , As long as we can , Drawing It will be sent as soon as it comes out We , It's too urgent , All in a rush for time 。

   Critical moment , Precision machining Services have to compete with viruses 。 Today , South Korean customers put the mask machine CNC Price Drawing Brought it. 。 The boss of our technology department has a look , There's no problem with this , Can do 。 It's very sexual for the other side to hear that we can pick up the order so soon , This time, I found the right person , Save a lot of time , And that price is not a problem , As long as the cost of machining is reasonable , They can all accept it , But it has to be fast 。

   Fast is a must , Mask machine is really related to the urgent epidemic prevention work ! We must overcome our own difficulties , We Precision machining Manufactor Just got back to work. , All the staff are not here yet , But the boss of the Technology Department operates the machine himself , Who comes first? , Who is responsible first? , We Our employees are all generalists , Through the experience of different posts and different processes , We Products that satisfy Korean customers must be produced within one week !

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