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Parts processing of various medical devices and equipment

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Coupling parts It refers to the connection of two shafts or shafts and rotating parts , Rotating together in the process of transmitting motion and power , A device that does not disengage under normal conditions 。 Various coupling parts can be used Metal material processing

 Coupling parts

 Coupling parts

Legend Coupling parts Stainless steel 316 Material manufacture ,  316 Corrosion resistance of stainless steel 、 High resistance to atmospheric corrosion and high temperature , Good work hardening 。 After CNC Precision NC Lathe processing 、 Drill hole 、 Wire cutting 、 Surface treatment and other processing technologies , And After Three coordinate detection meets the technical requirements and then sent to the customer for assembly , Maintain technical support for customer parts during equipment operation 。

 Medical equipment .

 Medical equipment .

MFG Machined Co., Ltd. Various couplings have been processed for many years , Experienced , With the conditions and strong advantages of R & D of high-tech refined products and mass production , It can meet various needs of users 。 Various types Medical equipment parts processing , Just look for MFG Machined Co., Ltd., Consultation hotline : +86-755-27269220

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