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Circuit board assembly Machining of mechanical equipment parts

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Processing all kinds of mechanical equipment parts for customers , Parts adopted 6061 Aluminum alloy material The material has good corrosion resistance 、 Toughness is widely used in automatic mechanical parts 、 Precision machining 、 Mould manufacturing 、 Electronic and precision instruments, etc 。

 Circuit board assembly  Mechanical equipment

 Aluminum tooling parts

Process of tooling parts CNC Rough machining 、 Grinding machine 、 Precise CNC Finish machining 、 Drill hole 、 Surface treatment, etc Processing technology , And assemble all kinds of accessories for tooling parts 、 Testing to meet customer technical requirements 。

 Aluminum tooling parts

 Aluminum tooling parts

The company is mainly engaged in Mechanical automation manufacturing 、 Manufacturing of mechanical parts , Design, development and production of various aluminum profile products , Produce all kinds of hardware , It can also be produced and processed according to the needs of users 。 Welcome to consult 。

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