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Processing of parts and components of various testing machinery and equipment

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Processing of parts and components of testing machinery and equipment Use 316 Made of stainless steel , After CNC NC machining 、 Drill hole 、 Grinding machine 、 Surface treatment and other processing procedures , And After Send to the customer for assembly after the three coordinates test meets the standard , During the assembly of mechanical equipment, timely technical support and exchange can be achieved with customers for the assembly and commissioning of parts 。

 Testing mechanical equipment

 Machine parts

 Machine parts

Our company processes all kinds of Machine parts The company has all kinds of machinery Processing equipment Digital display milling machine 、 Digital display molding Grinding machine 、 Digital display lathe 、 Bending machine Shearing machine Grinding machine 、CNC Machining center 、 Welding 、 Go in Silk 、 Step on it Silk 、 Precision lathe   Etc. , A car that can carry out precision parts 、 Milling 、 Planing 、 Mill Etc. Machining , Can process all kinds of irregular shape parts can process all kinds of sheet metal 。 Welcome to inquire :+86-755-27269220

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