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Automatic mechanical equipment packaging machine parts customization

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Precision parts processing Various synchronous wheels can be standardized , There are also synchronous belt drawings , Or belt type , And accuracy and dimensional tolerances 。 According to the accuracy requirements of different customers , Select the corresponding accuracy level 。

 Synchronous wheel

 Automatic mechanical packaging machine

The synchronous pulley is generally made of steel , Aluminium alloy , Cast iron , Brass , Etc 。 There are round holes in the inner hole ,D Form hole , Cone Form hole Equal form 。 Surface treatment with intrinsic oxidation , Blackening , Galvanized , Zinc plating , High frequency quenching and other treatment 。 Accuracy level depends on customer requirements 。

Synchronous wheel Machining accuracy of intermediate hole shape of pulley , Mainly thickness 、 Top circle ( Maximum diameter )、 Inner hole 。 According to the groove model , Machining tooth slot by wire cutting , Machining keyway by slotting or wire cutting , If the pulley has flange , Flange can be welded 。

The company focuses on efficiency , Heavy investment introduction Processing equipment , Introduction of production management system , Attract experienced talents , Business philosophy based on sincerity , Adhere to good quality , Perfect after-sales service system to provide users with safe, efficient and reliable machining of mechanical parts 。 Automatic mechanical equipment packaging machine parts customization , Identify MFG Machined Co., Ltd. Parts processing 。 Welcome to consult 。

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