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Electronic assembly machine parts processing

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Electronic assembly machine parts processing Piece , Parts are antistatic POM Material Science POM It is a kind of general thermoplastic engineering plastics , Excellent mechanical properties 、 Electrical properties 、 Wear resistance , Good dimensional stability , Zero part Piece After precision CNC CNC machining , To be efficient 、 High precision processed products 。 Zero part Piece After processing, it is tested by three coordinate detector and meets all technical requirements of drawings, and then it is sent to the customer 。

 Electronic assembly machinery and equipment

MFG Machined Co., Ltd. Precision machinery Designed process flow 、 Process specification can guarantee zero machine Piece The machining quality or assembly quality of the machine , Meet the technical requirements specified in the design drawing 。 And can provide all kinds of Zero part Piece Processing solutions 。

 Spring template  Zero part  Piece

 Spring template  Zero part  Piece

Our company can undertake most of the precision Mechanical automation Equipment manufacturing 、 Mechanical zero Piece 、 Hardware Piece 、 Manufacturing , Now it has become one of the reliable suppliers in the relevant machining industry 。 Consultation hotline :+86-755-27269220

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