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Shenzhen CNC Precision parts manufacturer , What are the general maintenance measures ?

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   Be familiar with Shenzhen CNC Precision parts processing Friends in the industry know that , The main equipment of parts processing is CNC machine tool , The maintenance of these equipment is CNC Precision parts processing Factory Daily work at home 。 What are the general contents ? Let me show you today :

  1、CNC Precision parts manufacturer Weekly inspection

   In addition to the daily inspection , Check the NC machining equipment correctly before the end of work every week , Hydraulic system 、 Lubrication system 、 Cooling system 、 The air pressure system and machine parts should be tested 。 If Lubrication system The oil pressure pump of cannot operate normally , The power light doesn't work , It turns out there's a problem , To be repaired 。 The parts of machine tool are mainly clear of sundries , Most of them are scrap iron 。

 Shenzhen CNC Precision parts manufacturer

  2、CNC Precision parts manufacturer Monthly inspection

   Monthly inspection of CNC lathe , Mainly including spindle Lubrication system 、 Machine parts 、 Power supply and air dryer part 。 Lubrication system Check whether the lubricating oil is changed , Machine parts Debris may need to be removed , Whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are normal ,180V-220V,50Hz, If there is any abnormality , It needs to be adjusted 。 The air dryer can be disassembled once a month , Wash down , Then assemble 。

  3、CNC Precision parts manufacturer Annual inspection

   There are actually two annual inspections , Once every six months , The first is also called semi annual inspection 。 Main view spindle Lubrication system 、 Hydraulic system As well as X Check the shaft 。 After half a year's use , Generally, it should be replaced with new oil , Then clean up 。 Hydraulic system Abnormal phenomena of , We also need to find out the reasons and Solutions 。 Abnormal oil pump pressure 、 Noise 、 When no fuel injection occurs , You should know why , What are the corresponding solutions 。

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