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Shenzhen precision machining enterprise , Guarantee the supply of masks in Hubei Province

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   Hubei wins and the whole country wins , Shenzhen Precision machining Enterprises give priority to the supply of masks in Hubei Province 。 Since the resumption of production , Precision machining Manufactor We began to receive orders for masks , In fact, they are all orders delayed during the Spring Festival holiday 。 As long as it's from Hubei , We all prioritize production , They're more urgent than anywhere else 。

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   Catch epidemic prevention and control at the same time , While returning to work , Shenzhen Precision machining Industry in action 。 We delayed the first batch of orders for precision parts produced after the Spring Festival , Give priority to the medical device processing supporting the first line of Hubei Province 。 Our decision , We also have strong support from our old customers , They also think that Hubei's customers should be given priority 。

   The near future , Shenzhen Precision machining On the premise of giving priority to the supply of respirators , Increase overall planning , Key guarantee Precision machining Manufacturer's demand for resumption of work and production , This week's return to work rate has reached about 60% , Expected in the next week ,CNC Precision machining Production capacity will gradually increase 。

   The production of mask machine is not difficult , It's just a rush , At present Precision machining Manufacturers are generally short of manpower 。 According to normal conditions ,CNC Precision machining After the drawing comes out , We can deliver in two weeks , But now the return rate is not high , Delivery still can't be delayed , Most enterprises are working overtime to ensure supply at the front line 。

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