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CNC Precision machining manufacturer , Troubleshooting of precision parts processing program

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   Now Precision parts processing , Can't do without the processing procedure 。CNC Precision machining manufacturer Through programmed operation , Greatly improved the processing efficiency 。 But during the operation of the machining program , There are also frequent program failures , It stopped all of a sudden , Or the program can't be found ,CNC Precision machining manufacturer All must be handled flexibly 。

 Precision parts processing

  1、 Monitor suddenly stops

   Stay CNC Precision machining The manufacturer used to run a good monitoring program It stopped all of a sudden , The inexperienced staff thought that there was an accident in the lathe 。 If the procedure Stay During execution , Return to monitoring status , Work stop occurs , Generally, this monitor is abnormal , Or there is strong magnetic radiation around the lathe that causes this phenomenon 。

   If it is strong magnetic interference , Then we have to find a way to shield , Or use grounding to guide strong magnetism 。 For those not in accordance with the processing program instructions , Return to monitoring status That will do 。 If the system hardware or monitoring program is abnormal , So we need to change the chip , Of course, it's a suspicious chip 。 However , Sometimes a memory failure can also cause Monitor suddenly stops , Under re debugging 。

  2、 Processing program lost

   Stay After the power is cut off , The processing program of the control system is lost , After power on , Re input Precision parts processing Program , It can be processed normally , So what causes the processing Program Stay What's missing in the system ? The most common situation is , After power off , The machining program in the memory cannot be saved and is lost 。 Replace the battery 。

   If processing Program Stay Precision parts processing Often lost in the process , Whether it's the missing part , Or all , So it must be a memory failure , So we need to change the memory or the single chip computer outside the chip 。

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