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What fixture materials will be used in precision machining ?

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   Stay Precision machining In , Clamps are essential , Fixture processing is also Precision machining Category 。 What materials are needed for fixture machining ? Learn about these fixture materials for Precision machining Of friends , Can further deepen industry understanding 。 Today , Xiaobian will tell you about the materials of the lower fixture ?

 Precision machining

   Stay Precision machining Process In , There are many kinds of common fixture materials , Generally there are A3,45 Number ,P20,CR12MOV,S136,SKD11, Tungsten steel and so on 。 That's a lot Precision machining Enterprise manufacturing tools Raw materials , It is connected with the fixture 。

   Although they are all materials for making clamps , But there are differences between materials 。 Each fixture material has different properties , It should be based on the specific use of the fixture , To select materials 。 What kind of material to choose for making tools , It's the same thing 。 Here , Xiaobian will let you know Precision machining In Application scenarios of different fixture materials 。

   If it is from the perspective of cost , Choose relatively cheap fixture materials ,A3 And 45 Number Most suitable 。 If such materials are selected , Must be Stay Main board use without auxiliary fixture 。

   If it is Stay Main stress position of fixture , Wear resistant materials must be selected ,P20 And CR12MOV Very suitable. 。 Select such materials , It will not only enhance the service life of the workpiece , It can also ensure the accuracy of application 。

   If it is Stay Welding In Use fixture , Wear resistance needs to be considered And Anticorrosion 、 Antirust performance , Then choose. S136 Raw materials 。 In addition , Usually used Stay Check the tools carefully And The wear-resistant fixtures are all SKD11 Raw material 。 Tungsten steel is less commonly used , Because this material is quite expensive , Usually used Stay On the careful inspection tool 。

   Precision machining In The fixture material of Here , I hope it helps 。

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