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What are the tool faults of precision machining manufacturers ?

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   Tools and CNC lathes are Precision machining Two magic weapons of manufacturers , One big and one small , Make the old and new contrast and complement each other 。 Tools are also Precision machining Manufactor Replace the most frequent tools , In general, the tool must be replaced at least once in the machining procedure , Complex parts must undergo several tool changes 。 Today, we will introduce the failure of the lower cutting tool in processing :

 Precision machining

  1、 After processing , Tool does not return to zero

   Natural Precision machining Program , After operation , The tool will automatically return to zero 。 If you do not return , That's a problem with the control system 。 Cutting tool in the process of cutting , Step motor cannot run too fast , And Program At the end of the run , The stepper motor is required to return quickly 。 If you want to run the stepper motor at high speed , It must be driven by high voltage power , The output torque can be increased 。 When the switch triode controlling the high voltage drive power supply fails , Stay Program Return to zero point , High voltage power supply cannot be connected , The output torque of the motor does not meet the requirements , The tool will not return to zero 。 Generally, replace the switch triode that controls the output of high-voltage drive power supply 。

  2、 Tool return to zero , But it's offside

   If the running resistance of the transmission system of the machine tool is too large , Will appear Tool return to zero Offside 。

   Generally, the cutting tool is driven by low-voltage power supply , Tool rest low speed feed , The running torque of stepping motor is very small , If the resistance of mechanical transmission system is too large, it will lose step 。 When the tool returns to zero, it is driven by high voltage power supply , The running speed of stepping motor is high 、 Large torque , No resistance in neutral operation , Step motor will not lose step 。 Once in a while , Sometimes lose step , Don't lose step sometimes , It will lead to offside when returning to zero 。 Check the gearbox of the next step motor , Look at the drive gear 、 Screw 、 Whether there are sundries in the slide insert , Is it too tight? , Generally, it can be debugged normally 。

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